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Wildealskloof Shooting Range Bloemfontein is a privately-owned shooting range that is accredited with the NRCS with approval number AZC 2004/114. We are also SAPS accredited. We have been operating under this name since 28 September 2012.

The shooting range is an outdoor 25m range and can accommodate 10 persons at a time. The shooting range is accredited for Handgun, Hand Machine Carbine, Shotgun and Rifle.

By now we all know that there is a need for practicing, training and If you want to keep or obtain your firearm license you need proof that you are regularly shooting.

At this stage, we are not affiliate to any organization, except that you can shoot your NATSHOOT (National Hunting and Shooting Association) targets on the range, as we are listed on the NATSHOOT website as Wildealskloof Shooting Range.



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