Club Membership

Wildealskloof Shooting Range Club Membership

Video by Wiki Pix

Club Membership Fees:

Member – R500 per year (1 Member)

Member Family (package) – R750 per year (Member + Partner + Kids)


The fee goes for the following:

  • Steel Plates, Steel Targets, Steel Target Frame with wood inserts.
  • Maintenance, cutting of grass, filling of backstop, ext.
  • Upgrading of shooting range
  • Patches, Staplers and Staple gun
  • Membership will start from the first full month after payment up until 12 months thereafter.

Extra Costs: Cardboard Target Metric or Classic R10.00 per target or you can bring your own cardboard for the target frame.

Non Members range fees R80.00 per person shooting

See contact us for directions to club and to make bookings

FOLLOW THE FOUR : Know and remember the four rules of gun safety. It could save your life or someone else’s.