Advanced Defensive Handgun Course

Advanced Defensive Handgun Course

Course overview: This course is structured for those who have successfully completed Defensive Handgun basic and intermediate courses. This Course focus is on refining and practicing existing techniques and skills to a level which allows performance with precision, control and efficiency of motion.

For Advanced Level Shooters, Defensive Handgun advanced provides a day long opportunity to ‘shoot in’ and sharpen previously learned skills and provides a comprehensive tune-up. Your understanding of the techniques taught in basic and intermediate along with proper safe gun-handling will be assumed upon your registration. There is a modest level of physical activity required for successful participation.

Course Topics:

  • Range procedures.
  • Firearm safety.
  • Firearm handling.
  • Firearm loading and unloading.
  • Malfunction clearance.
  • Emergency/Tactical Magazine Changes.
  • Drawing and firing techniques.
  • Marksmanship fundamentals.
  • Single & dabble target drills.
  • Increased speed of firearm.
  • Dynamic moving.
  • Different firing positions.
  • Dynamic moving and shooting.
  • Increased difficulty of shooting problems and scenarios.
  • One hand shoots.
  • One hand Magazine Changes.
  • One hand Point Shooting Techniques.
  • Shooting from the Hips.
  • Moving while Drawing and Engaging.
  • One Handed Malfunction Techniques.
  • Both eyes open shooting.
  • Cover drills.
  • Off the X


Price on request

Ammunition required: 

Min 450 rounds recommended.

Equipment required:

  • 2-3 magazines.
  • Magazine pouches.
  • Holster (designed for firearm).
  • Eye & Ear Protection.
  • Firearm cleaning kit.
  • Concealment garment

Course requirements:

  • Must have completed the Intermediate level Defensive Handgun Course.
  • Must be comfortable shooting and manipulating firearm on your.
  • Must understand how your firearm functions.
  • Must be able to load, unload and show clear.
  • Appropriate range clothing.
  • Pants with belt loops.
  • Sturdy belt (designed to hold the weight of a firearm/magazine pouch).
  • Concealment garment.
  • Optional comfort items (rain gear, sunscreen, hat, own medication).
  • Own lunch and drinks.

Training provided by Specialized Electronic Estate Security

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