Intermediate Defensive Handgun Course

Intermediate Defensive Handgun Course

Course Overview:

This course begins with an evaluation of the performance expected at the conclusion of Defensive Handgun basic, and progresses quickly into an emphasis on applying more advanced techniques under more difficult real-life situations. The development of Reflexive / Subconscious ability is taught.

Course Topics:

  • Range procedures.
  • Firearm safety.
  • Firearm handling.
  • Firearm loading and unloading.
  • Malfunction clearance.
  • Emergency/Tactical Magazine Changes.
  • Drawing and firing techniques.
  • Marksmanship fundamentals.
  • Single & dabble target drills.
  • Increased speed of firearm.
  • Dynamic moving.
  • Different firing positions.
  • Dynamic moving and shooting.
  • Increased difficulty of shooting problems and scenarios.
  • One hand shoots.
  • Both eyes open shooting.
  • Cover drills.


Price on request

Ammunition required:

min 350 rounds recommended.

Equipment required:

  • 2-3 magazines.
  • Magazine pouches.
  • Holster (designed for firearm).
  • Eye & Ear Protection.
  • Firearm cleaning kit.
  • Concealment garment

Course requirements:

  • Must have completed the Basic level Defensive Handgun Course.
  • Must be comfortable shooting and manipulating firearm on your.
  • Must understand how your firearm functions.
  • Must be able to load, unload and show clear.
  • Appropriate range clothing.
  • Pants with belt loops.
  • Sturdy belt (designed to hold the weight of a firearm/magazine pouch).
  • Concealment garment.
  • Optional comfort items (rain gear, sunscreen, hat, own medication).
  • Own lunch and drinks.

Training provided by Specialized Electronic Estate Security

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