Pistol Correction Chart

A pistol correction chart is a circle (shaped like a bull’s-eye dissected in to 6 – 10 segments with the typical errors associated with impacts listed  in their respective zone. They can be a useful tool in only the most generalized sense.

Every shooter is unique, with body mechanics, habits, and trends that combine in a way that is meaningful only to that shooter. If you didn’t make the pistol correction chart, that chart is not universally applicable to you. It might be that error, or any other number of combinations of errors that is causing you to miss the center of the target. There are certainly trends that can be identified, but they are designed to help diagnose trends, not individual shots and are far from universally applicable. The best solution to a consistent error is a quality coach!

Common errors listed on charts are some mix (with some additions or subtractions) of the following.

Thumbing – Too much thumb pressure that drives the barrel toward the side of the strong hand.

Healing – driving the heel of your hand in to the pistol grip.

Trigger finger placement – usually too much or too little on the trigger which pushes the barrel inward or outward.

Anticipation – Pushing on the gun prior to recoil in order to halt the effect of recoil OR “riding” the recoil by unconsciously “assisting” the elevation of the muzzle in anticipation of recoil “since the gun was going ‘up’ anyway.”

Jerking – Jerking the trigger vice a steady increase in trigger pressure which causes unnecessary movement in the barrel during the shooting process.

Grip pressure – usually strong & support side & again too much & too little



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